Monday, November 8, 2010

Wow-wee, I won a prize!

Some days the coolest things happen.

Today is one of those days.

Check it out HERE.

I am lucky enough to be the winner of a prize in Patchwork Posse's current Round Robin. Joan from Caliquilter designed the 1st border, which I amazed myself and did on time (and I so do NOT do applique, and not only did I do it, but I enjoyed doing it!)

From the group of quilters that posted their completed borders in the Flickr group, a random winner was selected.

That winner was ME!

Very cool - and now some Bliss fat quarters are on their way to me.

Even cooler.

See what can happen when you stretch and step out of that comfort zone? Check back to see what I do with my "Bliss" {grin}


1 comment:

CaliQuilter said...


You don't give yourself enough credit. You won the prize because your work was amazing! Congratulations and your fabric is on the way!

Joan Lucchese

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