Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Want to attend a FREE class?

...from the comfort of your own home?

Just had to pop back in and tell you all about the FREE webinars that are currently being offered. These are classes that last from 30-60 minutes long and you sign in thru your computer! Did I mention that they are FREE?

Find out all about it through Facebook. Join Facebook (also free) at http://www.facebook.com/ and join the group "CM - Go Digital". It's not all digital, there are webinars about traditional scrapbooking as well. Just earlier this month, we celebrated National Scrapbook Day over Facebook, right on the computer! Don't forget to "friend" me on Facebook - let me know you found it thru my blog :)

We also have web classes through my website at http://www.mycmsite.com/sites/cgraziano/includePage?jspPage=helpzone/webinars2.jsp. All different kinds, even a virtual get together!

Jump on this bandwagon NOW, and don't miss all the fun!


It's been a while....

....but I'm trying to come back and post again! After a tough pregnancy with my son, and an even tougher delivery and recovery, I am finally feeling like me again!

The wonderful news is that our son was born last June 12, a wee bit early, but healthy. Only issue is anemia, which is under control. I am almost fully recovered; still dealing with some annoying leftover issues from the c-section, but I am plugging along.

Our daughter is getting ready to graduate preschool and go into kindergarten in the fall, and our baby boy is almost a toddler, turning one next month!

Stay posted (pun absolutely intended) for more stamping and scrapping, and some current pictures.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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