Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More than a year...

...since I posted. Life happened and time passed. I simply cannot believe how much!

I was surfing the web after getting the kids to sleep (note, I said "sleep" not "bed".) I came across a blog to which I used to post (back in 2011 - eek!) I then realized, "Hey, I have a blog. Wonder how it's doing?"

So I checked.

And I have had 20,000+ hits, even without a post in more than a year,

Hey, thanks!

Anyhoo, I am working full time as an accountant again. Recently applied (again) for my CPA license, now that I finally have the needed experience under my belt. Gained a bit of extra pounds, that I hope to shed soon. Not really quilting much, no time. I really hope to get back to it soon. I have been scrapbooking here and there. I so love bring a Creative Memories consultant, and scrapbooking keeps me connected with my family. Especially now that I am not home the 40+ hours a week I spend at the office.

So, thanks for staying in touch. Thanks for being a loyal follower (all 39 of you!) Drop me a line, or a comment. I do read them when they come thru.

Lots of hopes for 2013 - maybe I'll add to my loooonnnggg list to keep up with my blog.

Sounds like a plan to try.
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