Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More than a year...

...since I posted. Life happened and time passed. I simply cannot believe how much!

I was surfing the web after getting the kids to sleep (note, I said "sleep" not "bed".) I came across a blog to which I used to post (back in 2011 - eek!) I then realized, "Hey, I have a blog. Wonder how it's doing?"

So I checked.

And I have had 20,000+ hits, even without a post in more than a year,

Hey, thanks!

Anyhoo, I am working full time as an accountant again. Recently applied (again) for my CPA license, now that I finally have the needed experience under my belt. Gained a bit of extra pounds, that I hope to shed soon. Not really quilting much, no time. I really hope to get back to it soon. I have been scrapbooking here and there. I so love bring a Creative Memories consultant, and scrapbooking keeps me connected with my family. Especially now that I am not home the 40+ hours a week I spend at the office.

So, thanks for staying in touch. Thanks for being a loyal follower (all 39 of you!) Drop me a line, or a comment. I do read them when they come thru.

Lots of hopes for 2013 - maybe I'll add to my loooonnnggg list to keep up with my blog.

Sounds like a plan to try.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Heart Faces Weekly Photo Challenge: Silly Holiday Photos

Love love this blog and just had to link up this week.

This fun, no contest challenge was too good to pass up. You have to check out some of the fantastically silly photos. They’ll make your heart smile.

So here’s mine…


Just look at those eyes. My little guy is so saying, “Me? Eating the candy? No, not me.” This while popping a green gumdrop in his mouth while the rest of us were making our annual gingerbread house.


I believe him, don’t you?


Sunday, January 1, 2012

A look at 2011

Happy New Year.

It’s 2012!

“Twenty-twelve” as my daughter likes to say.

Here’s a little of what I did last year…

crickets studio 2011 mosaic quilts scrapbook digital


I so slowed down on all my projects in September due to my new full time job. Hoping 2012 allows more time for playing with my children, quilting, sewing, painting and scrapbooking – oh, and of course, blogging!

Out with the old…in with the new!

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tips & Tricks ~ December 2011

Wow – when did it become December? About eight days ago silly (yup, that’s me answering my own question!)

It’s time for the last LAST block for our Tips & Tricks sampler. You all have been so fantastic bearing with my tardiness these past few months. I am honored and humbled by all the emails of encouragement I’ve received since going back to work full time in October. Yup, I’m blessed. Super duper.

Sew, I pulled out all of my blocks, my big and little ones. We have six 6-1/2” blocks and eleven 12-1/2” blocks. Naturally, my first question was, “what is missing? A color, block pattern, something to fill everything in just right.”

zxdcvffdzaqwsdgg, qbkhwerty says my 3-1/2 year old son….he’s “helping” Mommie with this post.

What I realized is that all of you are asking that question, too. Each of our quilts are going to be very different, so what I may need to complete my top, you may not need. The December block will fit this perfectly…..


Drumroll please…..









The December block is…..










A Block of YOUR CHOICE! Yay! Yahoo! Yippee!

Really, I am not just copping out here. I had this plan, and in order to fill in what your quilt top may need, and to personalize it even more, you get to choose what your last block will be.

Here are my blocks:

Tips & Tricks December 2011

Right off I see I have only a smidge of red that shows predominately in one block . I need to use this color in this last block. I also see alot of medium blues, muted tones, and a good balance of darks. The light violet in the one block needs to be repeated somewhere, too.Another scrappy looking block would fit here nicely. Maybe one with some ample background.

You’d think I’d had already made my December block to show you. Nope. Simply haven’t had time and I don't wish to rush the process. It’ll get done and then I will show you the top layout I’ve been brainstorming. See, I really am working right along with you. None of this “planning ahead” stuff for me!

Also, trim your extra HSTs into 2-1/2” units. We’ll be using them in our final quilt top (of course, if you wish to use them in this 12th large block, go ahead!!!) We’ll be using 2-1/2” strips in our setting, too, so pull out some that fit into your color scheme. Don’t have exact measures yet. Just have some handy.

Lastly, add a signature to your 6-1/2” siggie block we made a few months ago. Here’s a tip – yay! Using a warm iron with no steam, press the siggie block to the shiny side of freezer paper. Then write on the light part of your block. The freezer paper give the fabric stability so you can write a but easier.

Lots to do, lots to do. I’ll get working on my December block – get working on yours! Can’t wait to see {hugs}.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tips & Tricks ~ November 2011 (Really!!!)

I know, I am so super late with this block. I picked it out eons ago, and well, life got in the way. I think you’ll like it, and not just because I have finally gotten it sewn and posted for you. It’s a super easy and cute block!

What is it you ask? Wait no longer….it’s “Tennessee” found on Since I am sew sew late, the tips will be few affording you more time to get this month’s block before {yikes} the month is over!

What do you need?

Pull out your extra half square triangles (HST) pile and take out 6 that are 4-1/2” or larger. Trim to 4-1/2” square. Cut 3 each 4-1/2” squares of coordinating dark fabrics.

If you don’t have any or enough extra HST units, then just whip up what you need. See my post in my March post for directions using these fabrics:

Tips & Tricks November 2011

5” squares – 3 each in a light background fabric (can be scrappy or all the same)

5” squares – 3 each on a dark fabric (can be scrappy or all the same)

4-1/2” squares – 3 each of dark fabrics. Maybe use a charm pack, or spare parts left over after a project.

Tips & Tricks November 2011

Make up six HST and square up to 4-1/2”

Tips & Tricks November 2011

Layout as shown….

Tips & Tricks November 2011

Sew up into rows…. and then into your block – and you are done!

Tips & Tricks November 2011

Okay, so no tips or tricks this month, except one cool looking block. Hope that works for you {wink}.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today is the day we celebrate our thankfulness.

And I am in so many ways. Every day.

Love your families today in whatever form they take.



Appreciate the moments.

Thank YOU for tuning in.

Happy Happy Thanksgiving.


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