Sunday, September 30, 2007

Memory Walk 2007

My family and a bunch of our Creative Memories team walked yesterday to raise money for Alzheimer's Research. Sal and I raised $340 and the donations are still coming in (if you'd like to donate, you can until 11/20/07 at . Every penny raised will help others keep their memories and family stories alive, as well as maintain the victim's physical health. We often forget that Alzheimer's not only destroys the mind, but also the body.
We walked all around Saratoga, just over 3 miles, from the Saratoga Harness Track around Broadway, through Congress Park and back.

Making a difference is what I strive to do - in my work with Creative Memories, and in raising money to fight Alzheimer's. The Memory Walk theme this year "MOVE" really hit home. We need to MOVE to make things happen on small and large scales. Nothing will happen unless we MOVE to make it happen.

We MOVED yesterday in a big way to raise money to fight a monster. Tomorrow I'll MOVE in a small way and get some things created to post on my blog to inspire and MOVE you!

Every little bit counts.

Friday, September 14, 2007

So Easy with StoryBook Creator Plus!

I just started playing around today with CM's new digital scrapbook software, StoryBook Creator Plus and WOW! It is so easy to use. It only took me minutes to create these two pages of Juliana's first day of preschool....about 20 minutes TOTAL! It astounds me that is came together so fast!

To create the pages I used the Mod Customizable Templates for a 12x12 book. I used these templates because a suggestion of where the text and photos should go is already there. You then add or take away what you need to tell your story. One the first page I re-sized the text boxes bigger and moved the circle photos out a bit from the center photo. All done by clicking and dragging - easy. I then dragged and dropped my photos in and typed the test and title. Done.

On the second page I added a text box (the smaller one with Juliana's friends names in it) and added the top right-hand photo. Again, so easy! Yes, I had to play a little to see what I liked and didn't, but not too much. Done.
I plan to print the "friend" page and display it for Juliana in her room in CM's Page Frame (or maybe the black Everyday Display..not sure which yet.) She'll love seeing herself and her friends outside of school.

The other cool thing is if you don't want to buy this software, you can do similar things in the FREE downloadable version called Storybook Creator 2.0. It really is free and you can play and play and play. Find the link to download it at:
You'll need to create a free account with the photo center (when it prompts you for your consultant's ID number enter 23113287 for me). Don't worry - you won't get any advertising emails from them or me! The link to download the FREE software is on the top right side.

Have fun and let me know how you do!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Keeping it Simple

Sometimes I think that more is better. Recently I realized I'd be seeing a student (and friend) that just retired, I had to make up a card - fast! Since I pride myself on quality, immediately, I began pulling out everything to make one card. It was important to me that it be meaningful, but did I need all of my supplies, inks and papers to convey that? Not at all....

Once the dust settled, I pulled out a few Amuse supplies (I've just recently discovered this comany) and a Stampin Up! set. I had a completed, lovely card in under a few minutes - no kidding! Auntie Em loved it, and I loved watching her open it with delight.

Remember, less really is MORE!

How did I do this card? Using the SU Springtime Stems set, I stamped the pre-decorated Amuse card with SU Pale Plum background circles, then overstamped the circles with SU Perfect Plum flowers. I did the same on a scrap of Whisper White cardstock, and then punched it out using a Creative Memories mini circle maker. I stuck this circle to an Amuse creative candy clear sticker and then applied glitter to the back. Using a Pop-up glue dot, I adhered the sticker to the card front. Stamp the sentiment with Perfect Plum and it's done! This card also made an beautiful wedding card, too. Just change the sentiment.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Welcome to my blog - did I actually just type that? I am so in the 21st century - first an iPod in May and now a BLOG - stop me now before I too out of control!

Since I am home with my 3 year old, and teaching less classes than ever, I felt I needed a new way to share my ideas and creations. Hopefully, this blog (still can't believe I have one) will inspire and motivate you to take risks and have some fun.

Let's see what happens...maybe I'll even start up weekly challenges? Wouldn't that be fun???

Stay tuned for more....
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