Sunday, September 30, 2007

Memory Walk 2007

My family and a bunch of our Creative Memories team walked yesterday to raise money for Alzheimer's Research. Sal and I raised $340 and the donations are still coming in (if you'd like to donate, you can until 11/20/07 at . Every penny raised will help others keep their memories and family stories alive, as well as maintain the victim's physical health. We often forget that Alzheimer's not only destroys the mind, but also the body.
We walked all around Saratoga, just over 3 miles, from the Saratoga Harness Track around Broadway, through Congress Park and back.

Making a difference is what I strive to do - in my work with Creative Memories, and in raising money to fight Alzheimer's. The Memory Walk theme this year "MOVE" really hit home. We need to MOVE to make things happen on small and large scales. Nothing will happen unless we MOVE to make it happen.

We MOVED yesterday in a big way to raise money to fight a monster. Tomorrow I'll MOVE in a small way and get some things created to post on my blog to inspire and MOVE you!

Every little bit counts.

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