Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Round Robin Border #3

I found some extra time late last night and silly early this morning to work on my Patchwork Posse round robin top. The 3rd border just came out on yesterday - and it was a fun one! Reeze of Morning Glory Designs came up with this really neat border for the left and right sides of our tops.

If you haven't read the earlier post here, I am doing this round robin from my stash - NO NEW FABRIC! Here is how border #3 went...

 I pieced my strip sets....

Cut them apart into segments...

Pinned them together in staggered pairs..

Impressive pile, huh?

Then I was so on a roll last night, I forgot to stop and take photos! Here are my borders trimmed and ready to be put on my quilt top this morning.


My borders are a wee large in comparison to the rest of the quilt. I did my center square smaller than the pattern and have made adjustments from there. Isn't this coming out darling?

And now I have yummy fabric and block scraps for another project! Woo hoo!


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