Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Turkey boys

While watching Ry today, I had the boys do a fun Thanksgiving Day craft I found on

First, they had to try on the new smocks I made them - easy peasy kind, too. Big t-shirts with simple iron-on letters. I have the boys color coded - Robert is green and Ryan is blue for everything, plates, cups, now smocks! Helps them share, and know what's what around here. Also gives them a huge step toward independence.

Next, we colored. Turkey printouts from and half a paper plate.

Next, glue stick on some feathers to the paper plate along the top edge. With two year olds, I put the glue on for them and let them go wild with the feathers. While they did this, I cut out the turkeys (and took photos {grin}).

Stick the turkey to the feathered paper plate. Attach all to a constuction paper headband measured to fit each boy's cute head and viola!
I present to you TURKEY BOYS!

Aren't they just too cute?

They spent the rest of the morning running around gobbling.

Enjoy your day! I'm running off to find some earplugs :)

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