Monday, November 1, 2010

I feel good!

Should we think that every day?

Well, I actually feel really good because just a minute ago I finished nominating someone I feel truly deserves to be recognized. I cannot divulge many details, but this person has helped my daughter in so many ways, and no, she's not being nominated for an Oscar or the Nobel Peace Prize, but recognition is recognition, no matter how big or small.

Many years ago I read the Seven Habits of Success People by Stephen Covey (at least I think that's the name! {wink}). Anyway, one of the "habits" was to express gratitude regularly. This prevents you from taking things for granted. An example was given to take a few moments once a week to simply write out a thank you note to someone who helped you out that week...could be the mailperson for delivering the mail, an employee for doing a great job, or simply your daughter for getting up on time that morning.

Since my daughter entered preschool back in 2007 I have made it a habit to thank her teachers, the other parents, and even my girlie, for all the big and seemingly small things. Her kindergarten teacher actually thanked ME for the note I wrote her once. She said she rarely hears "thank yous" from us parents. Can you imagine that?

Maybe by nominating this super special person who has made a big impact in my daughter's life, I've made a small difference in hers, win or lose the award, we've all won.

Go thank someone today!


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