Sunday, November 7, 2010

Scraps anyone?

And I'm not talking about scrapbooking this time!

Scraps of fabric leftover from other projects can be turned into beautiful quilts and other sewn little lovely items.

Jodi over at Pleasant Home is going scrap crazy and helping us all organize and use up our scraps. She is super motivating!

With her Sew Scraps Along, Jodi blogs about everything and anything having to do with scraps - how cool is that?

It's time to do something about my fabric scraps...I'm so good about using my paper scraps in my albums and on cards, etc. Gotta get better in the fabric area.

I'll keep ya posted on my progress. (I'd take a photo and show you my scrap mess, but really, it's super embarrassing at this point {grin}.

Stay tuned.


1 comment:

Julie Fukuda said...

When I have scraps that are really too small for much, I cut them into 4 or 3 or 2 inch blocks. Odd scraps go into 1 inch blocks and each size has a tin. I use the one inch often for scrappy quilts or in baby quilts. I recently used blocks from my 3-inch tin to make a table runner.
Anything smaller than an inch, I throw out! Ah, such waste!

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