Sunday, November 28, 2010

Window to the world

Well, at least one to a beautiful scene.

I made this page in a matter of minutes using StoryBook Creator Plus 3.0 for the PC and a tutorial from the Pixels2Pages blog. The tute was super easy to follow and the results are stunning. (It had to be easy - I did it with my 2 adorable kids RUNNING around the house!)

I actually used a paper fill on the "Cape Cod 2008" lettering. The paper used is Paper 8 from Nature's Whisper Digital Kit (which sadly isn't available any longer). The ABC lettering is the Sophisticate Alphabet Letter Set. I had to type each letter individually, arrange them how I like them and then I grouped and flattened them together, under the Arrange tab. Once flattened, you can apply any paper and/or surface effect to them.

Oh, and for the background (the area surrounding the window pane) I simply filled it with the same photo, just cropped it to only show the water portion. By using the same photo I was certain it would match and no tweeking would be needed.

Pixels2Pages has a TON of Blueprints and tues to help you create the best digital pages you can. And they are always coming up with new ideas, challenges and freebies!

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