Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Christmas present done!

Feels really good.

This gift for my daughter is done.

"First Grade Reader" Quilt

 She is such a great reader...in first grade, reading at the top of the second grade level.

My kid loves her books!

Here she is at not quite 3 years old surrounded by her beloved books.

Back then, her tiny room had a bookcase chock full of the best loved and well-read books and magazines you've ever seen.

this was back in 2007

Today, she has two bookcases, and baskets, and piles....of reading material.

And she's only 6-1/2 years old.

Here she is totally immersed in a chapter book at our local library this summer
My hope is she'll treasure this quilt as a warm place made just for her to sit while she reads those many, many, books.



Jenny said...

cute quilt!

spencers said...

The quilt is really cute - so is the little girl! Reminds me so much of my boys - they both LOVE their books and we have book piles everywhere around here.

crickets said...

We're so lucky, both kids love their books! The quilt pattern layout is actually Alex Anderson's from her first beginning quilting book (can't recall the exact name at the moment). I actually had the top pieced as part of a beginner quilting class I taught several years ago (it was my sample), and never put it all together. When I recently came across it, I knew I had to finish it for my girlie. Luckily I had the forthought back then to have already cut the binding and saved enough fabric for the backing - whew!

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