Saturday, January 29, 2011

Celebrating a wintery day

Whoa, we have had ALOT of snow in the great Northeast this winter. It all started on December 27 and it we’ve had an average of 2 storm storms a week since. And I don’t mean light flurries, dusty snow that you can simply sweep off the porch, oh no! Inches and feet of the white stuff. The week after holiday vacation, my daughter only had school one full day due to all the storms. And let’s not forget the ice storm that hit the afternoon after a morning of 6” of snow fell! Crunchy snow isn’t so fun. And since that we’ve had two more snow storms to add more on top of the slippery crunchiness. Icicles abound now as the temps have finally risen above 4 degrees and the ice on our roof is melting.

Now, I am not really complaining, really. Have I’ve been going a little nutty? Yup. Going a little stir-crazy? You betcha! But, we’ve had a ball outside playing when we can. When I start getting persnickety about the weather, I sew, play games with the kiddies or scrap. These things always make me smile.

Here’s a bit of digital scrapping I did to remind me that snow isn't all that bad…

Snow pages 2010 - Page 052Snow pages 2010 - Page 053

These are shots I took in our yard the day after the big Christmas blizzard that literally stalled transportation and closed business & schools in the Northeast for days. Look at these photos. The pure joy in my kid’s faces is what is truly important.

You know what their favorite part of the day was? Lying in the winter snow lazily gazing up at the beautiful sky filled with white puffy clouds. It is the most still I think I’ve ever seen them.

Honest beauty.

Is the snow really that bad?

Not at all.

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