Friday, January 7, 2011

Round and round we go

and it isn’t over yet!

Patchwork Posse Border 5

Take a look – I’ve just added border number five to this beauty. It’s the cool leafy borders on the sides…didn’t they come out cute?

Hard to tell in this picture, but I did some hand embroidery for stems and veins to add a little something something.

At first, the leaves weren’t singing to me, but then I thought about it, and who this quilt is for, and I thought, “perfect'”! My wonderful girl collected leaves ALL AUTUMN LONG this year. Every single time she was outside she came in with like, one hundred leaves, to “save” because they were so pretty. What a fun way to remember her curiosity and awe.

Check out this round robin at Patchwork Posse. Only a few rounds to go, and I’m designing the last one (eek!) that comes out January 24th!

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