Monday, January 24, 2011

It’s up – wow!

Yup, my border design for the Patchwork Posse Round Robin has been posted on Becky’s blog – yippee!!! Check it out here.

And here is my quilt top with MY side border design (look on the right & left outer sides) -

Patchwork Posse Round Robin Border #7

Sew, you like?

The butterflies were for my daughter and are cut from “crazy patches” as I call them. I tho’t they tied into the center design pretty nicely. The crazy patching was oodles of fun, too. A solid border was really needed here, and it also need to be able to be adjusted to fit everyone’s tops as they can get pretty varied as the borders are added.

And my favorite part? I got to use up TONS and TONS of scraps and pieces of trimmed blocks I made when adding the other 6 borders! Waste not want not, right?

This border is also adaptable to any project. It could be an accent on an apron, pillow….lots of quilty things.

I love this quilt top – looking at it makes me all melty. I see fabrics from my kids baby quilts, holiday stockings I’ve made for family, the leaves were added to remind me of my daughter's penchant for leaf collecting last fall….such a keepsake. It’ll hang in my children’s room when it’s completed.


make.share.give said...

Love the crazy patches, especially the butterflies!

Miki Willa said...

I really like this quilt top. The colors and the fabrics are great.

CaliQuilter said...

Carrie, love the crazy quilt border and butterflies. I am in major catchup mode!

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