Thursday, January 20, 2011


Really? Yup, if you daughter is in an elementary school Lip Sync concert that is.

My sweetie and two of her girlfriends are lip syncing and dancing to Cupid’s Shuffle on Friday night (hopefully the snowstorm won’t delay it) at her school. It’s such a BIG DEAL and altho’ she’s only in first grade, you’d think it was the most important thing EV-ER.

So, as the ‘parent in charge’ of this dynamic group, I talked to the girls about their costumes.

So I asked, “What colors do you girls like?”

“Black and white,” said in unison. (Ah, they talked about this ahead of time….)

“Okay,” I say, “Black and white is very good. How about a color?”

B. chimes in, “No pink. We just don’t like pink ANYMORE!” S. concurs, “Yeah, no pink. Nobody likes pink.” My daughter softly adds, “I don’t like pink {since when?} but purple is my favorite color…”

B. and S. respond enthusiastically, “We LUUUVVV purple. Purple rocks. It is so cool!”

“Oh, and it has to sparkle. We just LUUUVVV sparkles!” Heads nodding all around.

Got it. Black and white outfits. Purple is the accent color. It has to sparkle. Who knew three first graders could be so definitive? The rest of the discussion went pretty much the same way and we ended up agreeing on decorated white t-shirts, poufy black skirts and black leggings. Oh, and they all have to SPARKLE.

Here are the t-shirts. I had the girls decorate the fronts the other day:

Lip Sync ShirtsHard to tell in the pic, but the rhinestones are stuck on with purple shimmer fabric paint. I did embellish the collar and sleeves with the same shimmer paint.

And one of the other moms gave me this cool easy idea…take this:

Lip Sync Shirts

and this:

Lip Sync Shirts

and a can of this:

Lip Sync Shirts

and do this:

Lip Sync Shirts

(Use your Cricut to cut out heavy cardstock letters. Place them on your prewashed shirt with no softener BTW and spray lightly with spray-on fabric paint. Remove the cardstock letters.)

Lip Sync Shirts

I added more rhinestones for sparkle and viola! Personalized shirts for the concert. And they are SPARKLY all over!

I’ll post a picture of the completed ensemble soon. It’s going to be too adorable!

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make.share.give said...

So cute! Purple's my favorite color, too, especially when it sparkles. Hope the snow holds off, but it's already started here in Kentucky. Yet another snow day.

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