Thursday, January 6, 2011

Organizing Day #5 – a quick one!

So, I just finished posting about Day #2, and decided to see what I missed over at A Bowl Full of Lemons. What did I do next? Skipped from Day #2 to Day #5: Under the Sink.

I knew since I had been forced to do this several months ago when our kitchen sink exploded (yes, you read right, EX.PLO.DED.) that I’d gotten a wee bit lazy in keeping it up.

Here it is before:

Organizing Day #5 Under the Sink

And now after – only a five minute redo, but I did throw some stuff away, and organize a bit more.

Organizing Day #5 Under the Sink

I have very old kitchen cabinets, like, really really old. So, installing cool organizers inside the doors won’t work here, but I did find some white baskets to corral my dust cloths and scrubby brush. It’s a tough are with the garbage disposal and pipe right there.

Done for the day, even if I am a couple of tasks behind. I’ll get there…how are you all doing?


Amanda said...

love the shelf! great job

Anonymous said...

Job well done!

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