Sunday, February 27, 2011

To buy or not to buy…

…Well, it didn’t take me long to answer that question! I found myself in my LQS yesterday with two children that were quiet (one was napping in his stroller, the other playing with legos the store had in their kid corner). I was there to pick up the December month of a BOM program, one for which I’d already pre-paid. Tho’t I’d run in and out, no money leaving my pocketbook and then I saw it.

FAA fabric purchase

And I had to have it. I told myself, “It’ll match the fabric you resurrected from 1996. Yup, that fabric you’re using in a bi-weekly block program, and that you’re worried about running out of…really, this is only to help you finish that project.”

Yeah, I don’t think so. That was a pretty lame excuse – the colors are not even close! I just wanted needed to come home with this beautiful layer cake.

And so I did.

And it’s all mine {silly grin}.

1 comment:

Ann T. said...

It is gorgeous! I can see that in a stack-n-wack. LOVE IT!!!

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