Friday, June 17, 2011


I have a 7 year old daughter.

And she is the single most compassionate person I know.

She saw a news report right after the tornados struck Joplin, Missouri, and immediately wanted to help them. Like, that minute, she wanted to send the children there toys, books and clothes right out of her own room.


After some thought, she came up with the idea of a bottle drive to raise money to send to the American Red Cross to help rebuild their community. She has redeemed 1,852 as of last night with more to go in our garage.

Returnables for Rebuilding

And tomorrow we have a Bottle Drop-Off Day at her school, organized by she and I.

Returnables for Rebuilding on Genet sign

My girlie was recently given a Certificate of Recognition by the county legislature for her efforts…

Returnables for Rebuilding 

…she asked my why they sent her an award when all she was doing was trying to help send Joplin the money they needed. “Isn’t everyone doing the same thing?”

No words can express how my heart fills just thinking about her efforts and how she aches for these victims. She is troubled this morning with the news that more storms and mini tornados will hit that area today. “Why is Mother Nature doing this to them?” she asks.

Wish I had the answer.clip_image001

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Sunna Reyr said...

Hi, just popped over and saw this beautiful post.

It sometimes can be bittersweet when our little ones are so aware. But I believe it makes them better person.

You have a very precious little girl.

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