Friday, December 24, 2010

Paper chains

Christmas Tree Paper Chain 2010
When I was a little girl, Mom and I made ribbon chains for our Christmas tree. It was so much fun picking out different ribbons each year, and trying to find the mini staplers (really, we KNEW they were in a place we’d never forget). I tried to do this when my daughter was born, but really, a baby simply cannot cut and staple ribbons together. She ended up trying to eat the ribbon pieces, and well, it just wasn’t a good idea!
So, the next year I handed my daughter a crayon and she “colored” on strips of construction paper.  My husband and I also wrote wishes for our family on these small pieces of paper. I dated them and stapled them into a paper chain. We do this each year as part of our holiday traditions.
Christmas Tree Paper Chain 2010
Now we have two kids – 6-1/2 and 2-1/2 – and they love our paper chain.
Christmas Tree Paper Chain 2010
Christmas Tree Paper Chain 2010My little girl is printing so well now, and can write her own notes. Mine from her this year=>
Christmas Tree Paper Chain 2010<=Daddy’s

Christmas Tree Paper Chain 2010<=Little brother’s

Christmas Tree Paper Chain 2010And one for herself =>
(isn’t she a scream?)

Christmas Tree Paper Chain 2010She even made one for a classmate as she is LD’s secret elf. She wrote all sorts of things to him, “You are a good friend.” “Happy New Year”  “You tell good jokes”. Maybe this will start a new tradition in his family.
What are your holiday traditions?

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