Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Heartfelt gift

I so wanted to make a heartfelt gift for my good friend Robin.
My kids and her kids are the bestest of friends. Really. I babysit her little guy a few mornings a week, and he is just the cutest.
What to do?
Oh, and really, it is 4 days before Christmas. I am just a wee bit late in thinking about this.
I know, I am in the scrapbooking, photos, quilting business….that seems almost too predictable. I did make her little guy his own playmat for Christmas. I blogged about that here. What to do for his mom?
Then I found this in my daughter’s craft supplies:
Handprint ornaments
And then I found this in my own stuff:
Handprint ornaments
All I needed was these…
Handprint ornaments
And viola! The perfect memory gift for my friend. (And of course I had to make one for me, too!) My son’s hands will grow all too quickly…and now I have his little handprint preserved forever {sniff}.
Handprint ornaments
I used a simple toothpick to engrave their names. I also put “2010” on the back side. Altho’ they aren’t yet dry (it takes 24 to 48 hours for Model Magic to air-dry), I carefully put the ribbon in. One less thing to do this busy holiday week.
Added bonuses? Model Magic is available at any craft store. I’ve even seen it in my local grocery store. It is super lightweight, so it won’t weigh down the Christmas tree branches. It also has a better chance of longevity as it won’t crack or break like plastic will. AND, the boys LOVED doing it! Note – have extra Model Magic on hand for them to play with after the handprints are done. Kept them busy for a LONG time!!!!
Hope you’re enjoying today – the 1st day of winter!

UPDATE: Robin received her precious handprint yesterday, and yes, it was the perfect gift. She smiled from ear to ear! And guess what? My mom did the exact same thing for me with my children, and just today gave me two wonderful impressions of their little hands. I am one lucky gal {big toothy grin}.

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SarahVee said...

very sweet gift idea. My mom still has my handprint from kindergarten - it's spraypainted gold:) I will look for this modelling clay too. Thanks for the tip!

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