Monday, August 29, 2011


It’s the morning after the remnants of Hurricane Irene passed thru our area (Albany, NY). It came thru as a tropical storm and wow, did it rain here! Lots of wind, too. It started Saturday nite and last thru the wee hours of this morning. The small town of East Greenbush that we live in was spared the worst, thank goodness. We had a couple leaks in our home and a semi-flooded basement, but that’s it. Many we know had mudslides, massive flooding, trees down in their yards, on their homes. 140,000 here in NY are without power, many roads are closed. My DH just called and said he’s turning around because 1. He can’t get to work with the road closures and 2. His partner just called him and said the office is powerless! We are blessed and feel so lucky that we were spared the worst.

Let me tell you how scared we were…as we prepared driving around our town Saturday, it was eerie to see windows taped and boarded up, shelves depleted of batteries, water, canned goods….these types of storms just don’t happen here.

Kmart before Irene hit

Last time we had a major event like this was in July 2008 and it was a fluke storm that downed three trees in our yard. That one started and finished in less than 5 minutes.

Storm damage 

So, as I count my many blessings this morning, I’ll be sewing a bit and hugging my kids and DH (our 18th wedding anniversary was also yesterday!)

Carrie and Sal Wedding

Posting this hoping you all and your loved ones are safe and healthy today. If you are cleaning up, I am sending wishes that it goes quickly for you and that life returns to normal very soon.


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dq said...

I am so happy to hear that you and your family are safe with minimal damages.

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