Thursday, April 7, 2011

She’s seven today

…and it’s so bittersweet.

I am so proud of the young lady she is becoming, yet I long for the baby she was not too long along.

My oldest is seven years old today.

Seven years of the best girl in the world, yup, I am so biased!

I was feeling kind of empty and blue last night after the kids went to sleep, so I threw myself into a new project. I took these from my card-making supplies:

Juliana birthday prep

And some of these I got at the dollar store, a pack of seven for $1…

Juliana birthday prep

And made these for the birthday girl!Juliana birthday prepJuliana birthday prep

Lots of buttons, flowers and rhinestones I rarely use for cards given new life on custom headbands. Of course I made one to perfectly match her birthday outfit, until she changed her mind and wore something else! Instead, she wore TWO headbands to school – too cute.

I also wrapped her presents

Juliana birthday prep

And made her a cake – which has to be the most absolute ugliest cakes ever, but she’ll love it. Pink and purple are her faves right now and she really prefers me to make her cakes. No store bought ones for her!

Juliana birthday morning

This morning she awoke to a room full of balloons (no picture of her super messy room) and pancakes with a candle. The darling girl even sang to herself as we sang to her!

 Juliana birthday morning

Making a super special “I am seven now” wish…

Juliana birthday morning 

Here she is – my wonderful seven year old fabulous girl –

Juliana birthday morning

Happy Birthday to the BEST GIRL EVER!


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Ann T. said...

Cute and Clever!!! Good Job Mom!!!

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