Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quilting bee blocks done!

And with them, the bee is complete (I think). Still have to check on that {grin}.

For the very first time throughout this year long online quilting bee, I was late. It was so weighing on me. So, even tho’ I still have a ton of work to do on the round robin top (that yes, I am also late on by a few days now), I took a break from crazy patches and made my online bee buddy Kristin her two blocks.

Here they are:

Bee Improvisational March 2011

 Bee Improvisational March 2011

Kristin asked us to make 10” blocks based on the Mod Mosaic Floor Pillow tute on the Oh Fransson! blog. I got them pieced so fast – it was fun and easy. My kind of block, well, not really as I tend to lean away from modern and more toward traditional, but you get the idea.

So, I have to now get back to the round robin top. As much fun as it’s been working on these tops since August, this for me, is the most tedious round. I am working in colors I don’t really prefer as pretty as they are, and it right now just feels like “block after block” of the same thing. That’s why samplers appeal to me, different blocks every time! So not a gal who makes 120 of the same block – need more excitement {smile}. I have 13 blocks left to paper-piece (out of a total of 36), then I’ll need to sew them into borders and then onto the quilt top. No where near where I needed to be. Photo coming when I make more progress! (I have also rec’d my own top back, but I am not peeking at it. Not fair to enjoy it when I haven’t yet completed my commitment yet). Photo of that will come soon, too!

Between tax season and my bronchitis that just won’t quit, I am so behind!

Can’t wait to be caught up again…clip_image001[4]

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