Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It’s my turn!

Yay! It’s my turn for my block to be posted for the Moose on the Porch Fat Quarter Quilt Along! So silly exciting, isn’t it? Mine is block #2.
It’s a cool block based on friendship and fun – I call it “Friendship Twist”. You just never know when a new friend will turn up thru all the twists and turns of life. Or, as in my case, a steady rock of a friend will shine brighter and delight, surprise and fill my heart with love in the blink of an eye.
I’ve recently found that out during my sudden babysitting job loss and then resulting search for a full time traditional desk job. The wonderful support of my friends and family, some friends I knew were awesome, and during my family crisis, they stepped up and showed me they could be even more amazing than ever!
I made it with Origins by Basic Grey for Moda. The soft colors represent the friends that hover in the background, quietly supporting and affirming your actions all the while waiting for the moment to come into the foreground and shine just for a moment, but at the exact right moment.
Fat Quarter Star Quilt Along
I dedicate this block to them. Without their encouragement I so could not have found a new really good job in only 27 days!
Sew, pop on over to see Konda’s blog and her wonderful new Quilt Along. It’s just started so it’s easy to catch up and win neat prizes, too.
Let me know if you’re joining the quilt along!
P.S. I’ve sewn up the October Tips & Tricks block and now have to type up the post. Thx sew very much for your patience!!!!! There’s a surprise in the post for you, too, for having to wait a while for this one…{grin}.


Staci said...

So fun to get a peek at the block the day before it is posted! Now I can start going crazy and trying to decide which fabrics I want to use! Thanks for designing a block for the quilt along.

Connie said...

It was great reading about you on Moose on the Porch Quilts. Thanks for a great block!

-girl from the bush said...

Hi Carrie, Thanks for your block on the qal. I have joined it and have finished my block I am going to try and do 2 quilts. sue~n.z.

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