Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tips & Tricks ~ September 2011 BONUS Block

Surprise! Here’s a 6” finished bonus block for you! Every quilt needs a label, and I thought this Signature Block fit the bill perfectly. You can use it in the front of your quilt top, or as a label on the back. Let’s wait until we have all the blocks done and see what happens.

I found this signature block on and adapted the directions – I am so not a template quilter, so I changed it up a bit. Since this is a bonus block, I won’t have as detailed instructions nor as many tips…we’ll have fun with this simple block!

Pick out your fabrics:

Pick two of your fave fabrics for the squares and a light solid for your “signature” part.


Favorite fabric squares: 2 each 5-1/4” squares, each one a different color.

Signature fabric (here I used the muslin): 1 each 4” x 11” strip

Let’s sew! Stack the two 5-1/4” squares and cut once diagonally from each corner to corner to make four quarter square triangles (QST). You’ll only need two of each for this block so save the others for another block or project.

Sew the QSTs right sides together in pairs using a scant 14” seam. Press to the darker side. See below for placement, make two the same. (please ignore the muslin in the photo….)


Fold the signature fabric strip in half long ways, open up, and line up the seam of one triangle unit with the fold…


Flip right sides together and sew a 1/4” seam. Press open with seams to the triangle unit.


Repeat for the other side…



Now we need to trim up the block to 6-1/2” unfinished. Use a square cutting ruler for this. Lay your ruler on the square lining up the bottom and left edges of the triangles units with the 6-3/4” markings. 



Trim the right and top edges. Pick up the ruler, turn the block 180 degrees and repeat, instead this time line up the bottom and left edges with the 6-1/2” markings. Trim the top and right edges even with the ruler.



Viola! You are done!


Remember to post your block in our group photo album! Enjoy your September BONUS!


©2011, Carrie Graziano, crickets studio

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