Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Celebrate a Milestone

Our baby boy turns one this week, I so cannot believe it! To mark special joyous events, I have always created scrapbook layouts for our family album. That's why many of us actually scrapbook. I have also found that to get thru particularly hard or trying times, scrapbooking proves theraputic. Our son turning one is truly a happy occasion, however, it is also bittersweet. My baby is no longer a baby, and I am saddened by that very thought. I decided last night to create a simple 8x8 layout to remind me of what a cute, sweet big boy he is becoming. I'll display it in a Creative Memories Mini Everyday Display (I have it in chocolate). It's a simple layout that truly makes me smile!

I used StoryBook Creator Plus (SBC+) software and 8x8 Everyday Predesigned Pages - a collage page worked the best for me. I always use a ton of photos. Love the predesigned pages as all I did was drag and drop the photos! I made the text color white, and used the Traveling Typewriter font. Lastly, after selecting all the elements using Ctl-A, I added a shadow and was finished! Took all of 10 minutes tops!!!!

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